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  • thequickdivorce.com™ platform is unique
  • Our founder is a practicing attorney and expert in divorce and custody cases.
  • Privacy is a top concern for us at thequickdivorce.com™. We have taken every precaution so you proceed with peace of mind that your information is confidential and protected.
  • The quickdivorce.com™ is a custom, not a one-size-fits-all, divorce and custody solution.
  • Custom forms for us means we give you access to attorney drafted provisions you will not find in the generic, available-for-free forms that some of our competitors are selling.
  • Our negotiation tools help you maintain the peace and keep your focus on the solution.

We are the best alternative to hiring lawyers and we will even electronically file for you so that you don't have to go to court.

Aliette has been practicing exclusively in the area of Marital & Family Law since 2004. She recognized that not everyone she wanted to help could afford her services through her traditional law firm model so she created The Quick Divorce, Inc.© to bring her high-end legal services to the public with a quick, efficient and very affordable solution.

Aliette Hernandez Carolan, Esq.

Since 2004, Aliette is focused on Family & Matrimonial Law. She cultivated a reputation for being honest, collaborative and aggressive - but only when necessary.

Despite never being one to shy away from a justified battle, avoiding unnecessary chaos and conflict in her cases became her creed and the secret to her success.

In 2016, she divorced the father of her two children, David, after 12 years together. Together they coparent and navigate the demands of raising daughters in this digital age where technology is both friend and foe. Thanks to their amicable separation, Aliette and David are not just co-parents, they are friends.

In short, her work is personal. When she advises her clients, she harnesses her years as a practitioner as well as her personal experience.

Her conclusion is that there is a better way than the conflict driven, traditional method.

Resolving financial, divorce and parenting issues amicably is not only possible it should be the only way.
Aliette brings her intensity to everything she does. Her personal passion for redefining the divorce process is evidenced not only by the quality of the innovative solution she created, but most significantly by her commitment to roll up her sleeves and share her knowledge through her writing, speaking engagements, media coverage, and social media channels.

Her Amazon Best Selling book Just in Case! Lose Your Heart, Not Your Mind - a smart woman's guide to marriage and self-sufficiency was published in New York in 2017. It is slated to be translated and published in Spanish in 2024.

Thequickdivorce.com™ does not offer legal advice. Additional boiler plate language contained in our forms was drafted by the attorneys we hired to maximize the usefulness of the forms but is suggestive only and can be easily modified or removed by you.
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