I bought the package, what’s next?

You will receive an email to verify your account and then a link to the quiestionnaire. Although the forms are compatible with mobile devices, we highly recommend that you use a computer or laptop to answer the questions. There are many questions that require your thoughtful responses.

Once you have completed the questionnaire generated to fit your needs, the forms needed for your case to be filed are generated. You will receive an automated envelope via DocuSign pre-marked for your signature in the required areas.

You should read every document prior to signing and contact The Quick Divorce, Inc.© with any concerns.

What happens after I electronically signed all the forms?

Through our partner law firm, we use the credit card information you provided to us to pay the Court's electronic filing fee to initiate your case in the proper court depending on where you live and submit the Final Judgment (of divorce or paternity) with the copy of your Florida Driver’s License (used to prove residency) to the court to finalize your case!

What is a Settlement Agreement?

In this contect, a "settlement agreement" is a legally binding contract between two people that contains rights and obligations for both in connection with their separation or divorce.

If you are married, you need a Marital Settlement Agreement.

If you are not married but have at least one child, you need a Parenting Plan Settlement Agreement.

If you are married and have children, you need both.

The draft settlement agreement we provide you has been curated and improved upon over many years. It contains what is commonly referred to as “boilerplate” suggested language used by our lawyers in their current ongoing, expensive litigation cases. You are free to modify the language as needed to customize the agreement to your specific needs.

We recommend a consultation with a lawyer or certified mediator, if you get stuck or have any legal questions, comments, or concerns.

What should I expect after buying my package?

We have made this process as easy as possible.

You will be asked to answer a series of questions. The amount of questions will depending on the issues involved in your case. Keep in mind that the questionnaire may be lenghty so you should set aside a reasonable amount of time to complete it with your partner. You both will be required to sign the forms and the agreement that will be electronically filed. It is required that both parties participate in this process.

The Quick Divorce, Inc.© relies on the integrity of its users and the answers provided to generate the required documentation that is submitted to a court of law.