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Satisfaction Guaranteed
At The Quick Divorce, Inc.©, your satisfaction is our top priority. 
We are committed to providing a quick, efficient, and affordable solution 
to your divorce and family law needs.
No Court Visit Required
Our innovative hybrid online solution eliminates the need for you to visit the court. We handle all the paperwork electronically, making the process hassle-free and convenient.
Human Touch
Unlike other online services, The Quick Divorce, Inc.© is the only hybrid solution 
that combines the efficiency of online processes with a human touch. 
Our founder, Aliette Hernandez Carolan, Esq., brings over 
18 years of expertise in Marital & Family Law to ensure your case receives personalized attention.
Experienced Founder
Aliette Hernandez Carolan, Esq., founded The Quick Divorce, 
Inc.© based on her extensive experience in Marital & Family Law since 2004. 
Recognizing the need for a more accessible legal solution, 
she created our platform to offer high-end legal services to the public.
Affordable Solutions
We understand that not everyone can afford traditional law firm services. 
The Quick Divorce, Inc.© was designed to provide a quick, efficient, and cost-effective alternative, 
ensuring that quality legal assistance is accessible to a wider audience.
Personal Commitment
Ms. Carolan's personal commitment to redefining the divorce process is evident in her dedication 
to promoting amicable resolutions. 
Having experienced divorce herself, she prioritizes minimizing chaos 
and conflict to ensure a smooth transition for families.
Ms. Carolan goes beyond providing legal services by actively sharing her knowledge through writing, 
speaking engagements, media coverage, and social media channels. 
Her Amazon Best Selling book, "Just in Case! Lose Your Heart, Not Your Mind," 
serves as a guide to marriage and self-sufficiency, 
reflecting her commitment to empowering individuals.
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