What Online Divorce Paperwork Is Required?

March 18, 2024

If you are planning on filing for divorce, there are several forms that will need to be filled out by both parties. Those forms are then submitted to the court system in the jurisdiction from which you are filing in order for the divorce to be initiated, and then ultimately completed. A good online divorce filing platform will have all the necessary paperwork available online. It will be up to date and specific for your jurisdiction, as each state may have different forms and procedures. 

The first form that would be required to fill out online is the Petition for Divorce. This is the initial document filed with the court to begin the divorce process. It outlines the basic information about the parties involved, such as their names, addresses, the grounds for divorce, and includes any requests for relief, such as child custody, spousal and/or child support, and any property division.

The next document that is filed is the Summons. This document notifies the other party (the respondent) that a divorce case has been filed and informs them of their rights and obligations in responding to the petition.

Both parties will also be asked to fill out a Financial Affidavit, which is a sworn statement detailing each party's financial situation. The Financial Affidavit would include each party’s income and expenses, as well as their assets and debts. This information is absolutely crucial for being able to fairly determine and equitably resolve issues like alimony and property division.

Then, once both parties have reached an agreement on the terms of the divorce, a Marital Settlement Agreement (or Separation Agreement) is filed. This document outlines the terms of the divorce settlement reached between both parties, including agreements on issues like child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, and division of assets and debts.

If, during the marriage, there were any children conceived, then there are some additional forms and documents that may need to be filled out and submitted, such as a Parenting Plan, if one is required. This form specifies how parental responsibilities and decision-making will be shared, as well as establishing a schedule for visitation and custody. 

Additionally, many jurisdictions require that divorcing couples with children attend a parenting course. These courses aim to educate parents about the impact of divorce on children and provide strategies for co-parenting effectively after the divorce is finalized. Topics covered in such courses may include communication skills, conflict resolution, understanding children's emotional needs during divorce, and developing a parenting plan. After attending the parenting course, the participants usually receive a certificate of completion. 

Then another form, called the "Notice of Filing: Parenting Course" is filed with the court. Another form that is occasionally filed with the courts during a divorce proceeding is a Petition to Establish Paternity, in which case, the other party would be obligated to answer that Petition.

Once both parties have submitted all of their applicable forms and paperwork online, all of the issues have been solved, and the parties have agreed upon a final settlement, then the court will first approve the settlement, and then they will issue a final Decree of Divorce, which terminates the marriage. 

Most online divorce filing platforms have standard “cookie cutter” templates of the forms and paperwork you will need to fill out, but since no two marriages are exactly the same, there may be some forms that don’t apply to your particular situation. Additionally, you may find yourself needing some forms that are easily customizable to fit your specific needs. That’s why it’s important to find an online divorce filing platform that doesn’t just have the basic “cookie cutter” forms and templates.  

You should look for one who offers customizable forms, as well as some guidance when it’s time to fill them out. You also want to make sure that the online divorce filing platform has the most up-to-date forms for your state and jurisdiction.  At TheQuickDivorce.com, we make sure to keep all of our forms up-to-date, and they are all completely customizable for you and your partner. 

Additionally, we offer tools to calculate alimony and child support, as well as parenting plans and time sharing calendars. We also offer both live and virtual support if you have any questions when filling out the forms. Divorce is hard enough. Don’t make it harder by wasting your money on huge attorney fees or subpar online divorce filing platforms that only offer the bare minimum template forms with no support if you need it. Learn how much easier it can be to file for divorce online at TheQuickDivorce.com.

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