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Find out if you qualify. Is a process that involves answering specific questions to determine if you meet the requirements.
You can complete all the forms at your own pace whenever you want. There’s no rush, so take your time to make sure everything is correct.
Once you have completed all the forms, it is time to finalize the process. Finalize & Sign*
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Minimize the costs of separation and divorce. Maximize your piece of mind.
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For Informational Purposes. Offers complete privacy. Use this package to inform yourself privately, no requirement to notify partner
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Reach final settlement agreement with partner participation. Access all of our enhanced language and negotiations tools (file forms with court on your own)
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Includes gold package + electronic filing.

Key take-aways and reasons to choose™ separation:

Privacy and security protected.
Court approval guaranteed or your money back.
Backed by a practicing attorney who is an expert in this field
Affordable, flat fees so your does not go to lawyers
Electronic filing services available
Access to both virtual and live assistance
Forms are customized by you and your partner with agreement and negotiation tools
Includes alimony and child support calculations, parenting plans and timesharing calendars
Skip the drama

TQD™ vs Traditional Divorce


Availability and convenience. Complete process from anywhere with an internet connection
Substantially less expensive.
Decreases animosity.
Faster to complete and you set the pace
Retain control of the results


  • Involves legal professionals.
  • Increased chance of tension and prolonged stress.
  • Much more expensive
  • Expect delays
  • Lawyers and judges determine timeframes and results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you submit the forms, sign and notarize them, when necessary, your case has to be opened in the county you have selected.
Electronic submission through the court’s e-filing system.

If you selected our package that includes electronic filing, we will take care of that for you. We will open your account in your state’s electronic filing system and use the credit card information you provided to pay the state’s filing fee.

If you choose to electronically file yourself, you must open your account, follow the prompts, upload both parties’ information, upload each document, pay the fee and submit.
Yes. Your case is a paternity matter vs. a dissolution of marriage. Our forms adjust for these cases and you can finalize your case through our platform just as easily.
The Petitioner is the person “petitions” the court to open a case. The Petitioner is the one who pays the fee to open the case. Beyond that, there is no significance to being the Petitioner v the Respondent.

The Respondent is the person “responding” to the case that was started by the Petitioner.

In these amicable resolution proceedings we suggest you do not get “hung up on” who will be the Petitioner or the Respondent.
Our software has a built-in child support calculator based on the requirements found in the applicable law, Florida Statutes sec. 61.30.
A settlement agreement is a legally binding contract between the Petitioner and the Respondent.

In Paternity cases:

Your settlement Agreement should contain, at a minimum:

1. Parenting Plan and
2. child support amount.

A well written Parenting Plan should also contain language that expands on these two required elements.

In Divorce cases with children:

Your settlement Agreement should contain, at a minimum:

1. Parenting Plan
2. Equitable Distribution (division of assets and liabilities)
3. Alimony (if neither party is receiving that should be addressed too)
4. Child Support

A well written Marital Settlement Agreement should also contain language that expands on these required elements. If you do not have children together then there will not be paragraphs containing a Parenting Plan or Child Support.

The draft settlement agreement we provide you have been curated and improved upon over many years. They contains what is commonly referred to as “boilerplate” suggested language used by our lawyers in their current ongoing, expensive litigation cases. You are free to modify the language as needed to customize the agreement to your specific needs.

We recommend a consultation with a lawyer or certified mediator, if you get stuck or have any legal questions, comments, or concerns prior to signing any settlement agreement.

*© does not offer legal advice. Additional boiler plate language contained in our forms was drafted by the attorneys we hired to maximize the usefulness of the forms but is suggestive only and can be removed upon request.
You don’t just get divorced or separated. You have to rebuild your life.

We developed this service to provide you access to services that you may need. Access to experts in real estate, accounting, insurances, mental health, step-by-step guides. Get what you need, leave the rest. Cancel at any time. 

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Skip the drama


Minimize the costs of separation and divorce. Maximize your piece of mind.

We guide couples through healthier separations and divorce.

Minimize the costs of separation and divorce. Maximize your piece of mind.
Our founder is a practicing attorney and expert in divorce and custody cases. Privacy is a top concern for us at™. We have taken every precaution so you proceed with peace of mind that your information is confidential and protected. The© is a custom, not a one-size-fits-all, divorce and custody solution.
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Skip the drama™ is not your typical online divorce form generator.

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